I’m a Mormon and I don’t bite

No thank you please

By: Rebbie Groesbeck // The other day I went to lunch with a woman who is writing a TV show that involves a Mormon character. She reached out to me because through some basic Googling, she had found this blog and figured I would be a good resource in figuring out how to realistically frame her character.

YSAs Across The USA: Your guide to the singles scenes outside Utah

YSAs and Utah

Written by contributors nationwide and compiled by Jason & Rebbie. // Whether you live(d) there, went to school there or have only visited — you’re undoubtedly familiar with the peculiar yet magical bubble that is singles life in Utah. No other place in the world houses so many young, eligible Mormons all packed so closely together. To put it scripturally: the cup runneth over. But despite all the appeal that this bubble possesses, there comes a time in some people’s lives when they feel the need to leave it. 

I don’t think God is a Mormon

Salt Lake Temple

By: Rebbie Groesbeck // A few weeks ago, my Mormon congregation paid our annual visit to the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church in South Central Los Angeles. It’s a tradition I’ve participated in every year since moving to LA; we visit their congregation in the summer, and they come to ours in the fall. I will admit I was nervous the first time I went. Inglewood, CA is basically the polar opposite of my hometown of Provo, Utah, and I just didn’t know exactly how it would go down.

Spotlight Series: Tumua Anae Tavana

Team USA

By: Lani Jones // Tumua Anae was born in Hawaii and grew up in Newport Beach. She started her career playing high school water polo at Corona del Mar with me. I went on to be a washed up athlete, while Tumua won multiple national championships as USC’s goalie. She ended her career with the most saves in school history. Tumua joined the U.S. National Team in 2010, and was later selected to play in the 2012 London Olympics where she and her teammates won the gold medal. Tumua recently... Read The Rest →

Burritos and Theology; or that time I creeped on a lunch-time chat about Jesus


By: Brad Masters //  I try not to be a creeper. Really, I do. And thankfully, with the advent of social media, I can creep safely from my own home without anyone knowing—so long as I don’t accidentally deepfave that Instagram picture from 108 weeks ago of that person I happen to be stalking. But this one day, at Mountain West Burrito in Provo, Utah, I could not help myself from shamelessly eavesdropping on these two tattooed dudes having an all-out discussion . . . about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The story The Book of Mormon Musical won’t tell you

Danny + Peace Featured Image

By: Danny Rasmussen //  The Book of Mormon, the Tony-award winning musical, is currently playing in my hometown in Orange County. It tells the story of two white, clean-cut Mormon missionaries who are called to serve in the most unlikely and foreign of places: Uganda. Naïve and inexperienced, the elders undergo various mishaps, misunderstandings and crises of identity & faith, all while learning what life outside “the bubble” is really like. 

Mothers and the Fall

The Creation of Eve

By: Amber Richardson // Well guys, today is the day that we recognize our mothers. We honor them and remember them with praise and gifts and love (shout out to my own mother who just sent me a rockin’ birthday card with a squirrel wearing a birthday hat on the cover). And so, on this special day, I’d like to ask, do we really understand what our mothers have done for us?

Why the Mormon Missionaries Keep Knocking

Mission Pic 4

By: Jacob Cutler // They live in your country, your city, your neighborhood. They try to speak your languages and observe your customs. They ride bikes in dark suits or conservative skirts and blouses. They stop you in the streets, in the park, or in the grocery store even if you are making it clear that you have no interest in talking to them.

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