“You’re Mormon? But you’re so….normal!”

It’s been part of my life’s soundtrack since leaving my home state of Utah. I had one co-worker who called me a “Normal Mormon” so often, I finally told her to please just call me a Normon. Less syllables.

There are a lot of myths about Mormons. Among the most common is that we all look, dress, act, and think exactly alike.

At Normons, our hope is to share individual perspectives from real live Mormons about what it means to them to live their faith.

We do not presume to be doctrinal experts or speak on behalf of our church as a whole.  We’re just a few young Mormons — committed to what we believe, admittedly strange, and happy to tell you about it.

Rebbie Groesbeck, founding Normon


Staff Contributors:

Judson Kennedy

Lani Jones

Brad Masters

Danny Rasmussen

Jason Woodward