16 Reasons Buddy the Elf is Probably Mormon

By: Danny Rasmussen // You may have been shocked to learn that your favorite rock star (Brandon Flowers) or your favorite DJ (KASKADE) is Mormon. But what about your favorite Christmas elf?? ***We hope you’ll forgive us for the levity of this post. We couldn’t help ourselves.

1. He’s known for being happy.

I'm smiling

 A 2012 Gallup poll found that Mormons and Jews are the happiest religious groups in the United States.

2. He doesn’t know how to swear.

buddy swear

  No, really…

elf cotton headed

3. He LOVES sugar.

Sugar rush

See: The Mormon Dessert Party.

4. He’s not afraid to talk to strangers.


 I wonder where he served his mission? 

5. He’s exceptionally good at arts and crafts.

buddy the elf crafts

 Just search “mormon” on Pinterest or Etsy and see for yourself.

6. Like early Mormon pioneers, Buddy walked long distances through freezing conditions to find a place where he belonged.

7. He spreads cheer wherever he goes.

buddy the elf crosswalk

Hey, so do these guys!

smiling mormon missionaries

8. He loves singing.

9. He runs away from naked women to whom he’s not married.

buddy the elf girls

Nice to know that someone was paying attention during the Sunday School lesson about Joseph in Egypt fleeing from Potiphar’s wife.

10. He owns his weirdness.


 That’s what we Normons are all about!

11. He’s surprisingly good at basketball.

buddy the elf basketball

Jimmer, Jabari and the #1-ranked Lone Peak High School basketball team are proof.

12. He doesn’t always fit in.

buddy the elf desk

See: The Benefits of Having an Asterisk.

13. He wants everyone to be on the nice list.

nice list

Literally, everyone.

14. His charm inspired a musical.

elf the musical

 Elf: the Musical doesn’t have as many Tony awards as The Book of Mormon, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

15. He consistently goes out of his way to serve others.

buddy the elf i love you

Mormons have been found to be some of the most “pro-social” members of American society. We do our best to dedicate our time and talents to serving our families, our church members, and our communities.

16. People accuse him of being delusional but, as it turns out, he’s not.

buddy the elf santa

 And neither are we Mormons. 😉


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    • 11

      Downtown Dave,

      We truly believe that our gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ restored to this earth in these Latter-Days. Just like you believe your gospel to be true. My desire to share the gospel comes from the love I have for my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As well as my knowledge that we are all children of our Heavenly Father; who wishes us to be able to return and live with Him again.

      Basically you and I are not so different. Our actions come from faith and love. I wish you the best in your endeavors.


  1. 12

    He loves Irish Coffee…

    …partakes in drunken table dancing…

    …and “loses the tights” when he’s told…

    …seems to take pleasure in taking vengeance on bad guys by viciously throwing tightly-compacted snow balls…

  2. 17

    Loved it. Especially your well thought out response to Dave. Sad he must be, to spend his time tearing down other religions instead of spreading the word of God…which is good in all forms.

  3. 18
    b h byu

    Well you also wear fire proof underwear and follow the teachings of a man who lost his mind.
    Anything you say really is just discredited by those two facts alone.

    • 19

      I’m fairly certain my underwear is flammable (though not willing to test out this theory) and you’re right–every other religious story, when looked at objectively, sounds perfectly logical….

  4. 24

    I love this post! I thought of a few more reasons why Buddy the Elf is probably Mormon. Number 17: He searches for his ancestors. He went looking for his dad so he could find out where he came from. Number 18: He stands by the truth no matter what. Example, this is the North Pole. No it isn’t. Yes it is. No it isn’t. Yes it is. Or you’re not Santa. You’re a fake! Number 19: He likes to call and visit people regularly even when they don’t want him to, (like home and visiting teachers.) Example: Ok, dad. I will call you back in 5 minutes! And finally reason number 20: He likes to give hugs! Come here, do you need a hug?

  5. 30

    Don’t forget the part about him not believing in Jesus, just like Mormons! Magic elves, flying reindeer and Santa have NO place in true christianity.

  6. 31

    From the Julie post, 12/25/13 – “he tells the truth no matter what”. How is that like a Mormon?

    Non-member – “hey, I hear Joe Smith had between 30 and 40 wives, some of them as young as 14, some of them married to other men, some of them mothers and daughters”
    Mormon – “that’s not true”
    Non-member – “but your church has an essay on its web site that says just that.”
    Mormon – “so what? that doesn’t make it true. I didn’t want to read that anti-mormon trash anyway.”
    Non-member – “what?”

    Repeat this same (or similar) conversation with the non-member asking about the different version of the first vision, translation of the BofM via a rock in a hat, translation of the BofA, church racism, Dallin Oaks presiding over shock therapy for gays at BYU, the forged church history documents the “brethren” purchased for big $$$ from Mark Hofmann, etc. Prepare to see some serious mental gymnastics.

    Yeah, that’s standing up for the truth alright.

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