Can Mormons participate in Mustache March?

By: Rebbie Groesbeck and Brad Masters //


While stereotypically clean cut, Mormon Men are not barred from participating in cultural phenomena like Movember, or more relevant today, Mustache March.


The many staches of Bradley Masters.

MorMans, or I guess we should say, MorMen, have rocked mustaches since the beginning of our Church’s history. Here are some that are sure to generate stache-envy:

Moses Thatcher

Moses Thatcher, Mormon Apostle, 1879.

Angus Cannon

Angus Cannon, Mormon and Mayor of St. George, 1861

Amos Milton Musser

Amos Milton Musser, Assistant Church Historian, 1902

And let’s not forget this guy…

Reed Smoot

Reed Smoot, Uncomfortable, 1882

Questioning a MorMan’s ability to rock the mustache stems from a confusing passage of apocryphal scripture known as the BYU HONOR CODE.

Okay, okay, so it’s not really scripture. But BYU’s Honor Code is the code of conduct every student agrees to live by when accepted to Brigham Young University. One section of the Honor Code asks all men to stay clean shaven with one glorious exception: the mustache.

Why, you ask?

WE HAVE NO IDEA. It’s become a part of BYU folklore. BYU students have spent countless sober hours inventing tales of why the mustache is the only permissible facial hair on campus.

Maybe it’s because mustaches are gross to kiss, hence promoting chastity? Maybe if someone’s been out drinking non-Word-of-Wisdom-approved beverages the smell will get trapped in their stache and guilt them to stop? Or maybe it’s because the mustache is the handsomest of facial hairs, and the only one strong enough to turn a boy into a man.

We’re going with the last one. In fact, The Daily Universe, BYU’s campus newspaper, wrote a wonderful article discussing this very topic.

So on this first day of March, we say mustache on, MorMen.

MorWomen will kiss you in April.



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