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GoldenGateName: Brad Masters

From:  Orange County, California

Occupation:  Lawyer

My friends would probably tell you that no achievement of mine could ever surpass my astonishing ability to fall asleep anywhere: there are enough pictures of me asleep in weird positions/places on Facebook to constitute several albums.  On any given blog post, you could probably make a ballpark guess that I fell asleep at least twice while writing it, depending on how many all nighters I pulled trying to read my casebooks, write memos, watch a billion episodes of any given show on Netflix, and read my Book of Mormon.  My hope is that you won’t fall asleep twice while reading my posts!

I eat, drink, and breathe Angels baseball.  I have seen Les Miserables on stage 7 times.  I decided to go to law school after I chased a fleeing, hit-and-run drunk driver three blocks on foot down Las Vegas Boulevard and helped the cops send him to jail for several years.  Most importantly, I have a deep and abiding conviction that Jesus is my Savior, and I know I am a better man for diligently studying his life every day of mine.

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