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Name: Jason Woodward

Went to: Brigham Young University

Lives in: New York City

Works in: Marketing and Brand Strategy

I grew up in Idaho but somehow never added “driving a tractor” to my set of life skills. My mom is a dark-skinned diva from Peru (thanks for the tan) and my dad is a white redheaded guy with freckles (I love you pops, but please don’t wear shorts anymore). I love making trip videos (like this) and am paradoxically addicted to both exercise and Reese’s Pieces.  And I get way too into karaoke.

The best thing about my life is the people in it: I have wonderful friends and an amazing family, and not a day goes by when I don’t feel incredibly fortunate. I’ve dissected religion and my beliefs through the lens of every relevant “–ology” imaginable and have emerged with a humbler, more thoughtful faith. The gospel possesses a very real, transformative power that I cannot deny, and my life is continuously enriched and beautified as I strive to live its precepts.

Twitter: @jasonwoodward
Insta: @jasondonwoodward

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