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Normon JennyName: Jenny R. Pate

Lives in: Houston, TX

Works for: ExxonMobil

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at BYU I moved down to Texas for a corporate-as-it-gets job in the energy industry.  When not figuring out the corporate ladder climb, I enjoy traveling as much and as far as possible with my plus-one (stilllll not used to saying Husband), finding and eating delicious food in Houston, and reupholstering furniture.  My dream job is to be a travel writer for the New York Times (or something that gets me to a TED talk).

I come from a big Utah family with a ford club wagon to prove it.  I love partially popped popcorn and front tooth gaps.   I’m paralyzed by decisions, Ryan Gosling and cockroaches.  I have always been, and am happy to be, a Mormon.


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