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Name: Rebbie

Real name: Rebecca Ann (Groesbeck) Brassfield

Lives: La-La Land, California

Grew up: In Provo, Utah, the unofficial Mormon capital of the world.

Believes: I believe in family, God, endorphins, good books, and long walks on the beach.

I also believe in Mormonism. It is at times, to quote Al Gore, an inconvenient truth, but nevertheless I believe it. That doesn’t mean I understand it all or that it is always easy to live. But I like believing.

I also believe that any two people can find common ground if they’re willing to try to find it, and that’s what I hope to do with this site — to tell people a bit more about what it means to be Mormon and to hopefully find a bit more common ground between us.

Blogs:  Sane Asylum

Tweets: @rebbelicious

Rebbie’s Posts:

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-The Dessert Party

-We Fly Virgin

-Mormon “Callings”

-Do Mormons Celebrate Christmas?

-Mormon Women and Sunday Dress….Pants




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