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The Dallas Scene

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The Dallas Scene


Dominant Occupations: A nice variety:
1) Finance/Accounting. May not be as glamorous a market for this line of work as NYC, but there’s an abundance of jobs and a low cost of living, so in the end, purchasing power might very well be much higher. Fiscally savvy, these folks.
2) Healthcare:  Both Baylor and UT Southwestern are top programs and a huge portion of the ward is in grad school or employed here.
3) Consulting Bros and Broettes. They are never around.
4) Advertising / Marketing

Average Age Range: 20-28. During the summer, BYU students and interns flood the ward and bring in that sweet young blood. You also have a lot of young professionals and grad students who are only in Dallas temporarily.

Dallas State of Mind: Stable. Lifestyle-friendly, red-blooded Americans. They choose Dallas because it makes sense — a great job market, low cost of living, good food, fun people and warm weather.

Girl/Guy Ratio: 2:1 girls to guys. And let’s be honest, we are talking about an LDS Singles Ward outside Provo. There are going to be more girls than guys.

Hobbies: People are outside all the time in Dallas except for the 4 days of winter we get every year.  That usually means a lot of time at the park at White Rock Lake or Klyde Warren doing your best Tony Romo. Not to mentions hanging poolside or going boating — you can kill a Saturday on the lake 11 months a year. In terms of nightlife, get your frat on at bars like Kung-Fu Saloon & Sixth Street in uptown or Two-Stepping-Till-I-Die (The question is Red River or Billy Bob’s?).

Local Hangouts and Hotspots:
  The Village:  Parks abound and White Rock Lake is around the corner; Bike away the day and then munch on tacos at Torchy’s or Velvet Tacos.
  Uptown:  Chill in Klyde Warren, walk through Turtle Creek orwhere everyone (EVERYONE) has a dog or run the Katy Trail which cuts through the city.  Then take a break at the Ice House, Check out the shopping at West Village, then come back and hit up McKinney at night.
  Bishop’s Arts:  Shopping, Art, Oddfellows, and brunch at Hatties.
  Deep Ellum:  Dallas’ Brooklyn. Hipsters, live music, good food, and more hipsters.  Twister Root Burger will blow your mind.
  Highland Park:  Conservative Royalty.  Grab some tea and see if you spot Dubya.

Typical Night on the Weekends: Start off by 1) relaxing at the park or poolside because let’s be honest, you deserve it. Next stop is obviously 2) food. Oh you wanted something light?  Perfect, this Grade A steak is only 12 ounces and served with a side Texas liquid gold: QUESO. This is followed by the night’s 3) activity — walk over to American Airlines Center to catch a Mav’s game, go to one of the 8 bazillion country music concerts, get your Tim McGraw on with some Karaoke, or head to Fort Worth for the Rodeo. Then there’s 4) the after-party. Hit up a honkey tonk for some two stepping (you better bring your boots) or head to McKinney for a Shirley Temple and bar games.

Sports Scene: Welcome to Sports Heaven. The American Airlines Center downtown is the house that Dirk built and is right in the middle of the city.  Tough to beat a Rangers Game because they end with fireworks. What screams “freedom” more than a ball game in the summer with a hot dog, a Dr. Pepper, and fireworks?  Finally, Jerry World.  You don’t know football till you walk into the great American Coliseum.  It also houses major events annually like the Final Four!

Cultural Scene: Come on, people. You come to Texas because you want to scream “democracy!” and shoot your gun while eating a burger, not to go to an art exhibit..right?  In all seriousness, Dallas has some great museums (Perot), art galleries in the Arts District (The Nasher), and the Dallas Arboretum.  Deep Ellum and Bishop’s Arts district are also great hubs for the cultural scene.

Diet: Vegeterians welcome! …to go somewhere else. There are really only four things you should be eating if you move here:
1) Steak and/or burgers
2) Tex-Mex
3) Chips with queso & guac
4) Steak and/or burgers

Myth Bust:  You aren’t going to die in the Texan heat.  In fact, as long as you avoid leaving your house for any reason during the month of August, the weather is totally manageable!

What It’s Missing: For all its outdoor goodness, Dallas could really use a beach and some places to hike.

Ward Breakdown:  If you move to Dallas, you are almost certainly going to live in the Dallas 2nd ward.  It covers Uptown, Downtown, Deep Ellum, and most importantly, the Village.

Temple Proximity: The Dallas temple is about a 20 minute drive from down-town.  The ward goes together every week!

Dating Dallas Guys:  Most guys are looking to settle down sooner rather than later.  They probably chose Dallas because they have a stable job and life is cheap here.

Dating Dallas Girls: Many Dallas girls have the same mindset and are ready to meet Mr. Right. They often have family living close and cant wait to buy a starter house while the guy works his way toward her dream house in Highland Park.

Classic Ward FHE/Activities: Picnics/games in the park, volleyball, tennis (or anything outside really), anything food-related (BBQs, potlucks, etc.), game nights (we’re Mormon; we can’t go 3 weeks without a board game or we’d die)

Resident Mormon Celeb: Courtney Cook (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader)

Travel: You need a car to survive, the DART sucks. You can use said car to drive to Austin which is one of the coolest cities in America.

The Weather:  It gets hot in the summer.  I know.  But for the most part, warm weather, mild winters, and 11 months of pool season is not too bad.

The South: While most of the state is basically like Utah (red, gun-toting, and Christian) but the ward is a mix of people from all over.

Dallas Might Be For You If: You’re looking to settle down and live the good life, like job security and low cost of living, and hate state taxes (we don’t pay any!).

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    This post could use an update- at least within the Dallas 2nd ward, the guy:girl ratio has been 1:1 or 1.5:1 for a while (roughly even, or more guys than girls). This is a pretty good ward to be a girl in. Average age is also more like 23-30 now. The 2nd ward is mostly young professionals (lots of BYU and BYU-I grads) and a very high portion didn’t grow up in Dallas (lots from Utah, Arizona, California, etc). Turnover is medium or high (like any YSA ward), and many ward members tend to live here for 2 or 3 years for school or a starter job, and then move somewhere else.

    Average attendance in the 2nd ward is 80-100 most weeks. There are also 5 other YSA wards and 2 YSA branches in the Dallas area, but since the metroplex is huge you won’t see the others unless you make a point of it. In terms of the Dallas scene, it is worth mentioning that the 2nd ward people tend to travel alot- either consultants or airline employees travelling for work, or others going to ski or swim or visit family in their home state or have other adventures. Dallas itself isn’t an outdoor-rec mecca, but it has 2 great airports and you can fly almost anywhere nonstop. Austin, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, and the Ozarks are also all good weekend-trip destinations within driving distance (Austin is the most frequent). For this reason, people travel alot–don’t be surprised to go a few weeks without seeing your friend here, even if you’re both very active in the ward.

    Texans in general are known for being very friendly, and hundreds of thousands of new people move to Dallas every year so it’s pretty easy to assimilate here (you definitely won’t be the only non-Texan). There are also lots of jobs in Dallas in just about every field; the economy is very strong. Most coworkers and neighbors will respect your faith and your religious expression (many are enthusiastic Christians themselves, and you hear talk of God and Church here much more openly than you would in most states). The winters are mild except for a couple of brief ice storms each year, which tend to shut down the city for a day or two, but otherwise you can often spend January and February weekends outside playing frisbee or tennis in the 60s and sunshine. The summers are hot in July and August, but not as humid or miserable as Houston, and Texans tend to turn the A/C way down indoors so you might not even notice. As noted in the original post, there are TONS of restaurants, and a very strong music scene and sports scene- you can do pretty much anything here, except maybe hiking! #Dallasistheplacetobe

    • 4

      Thanks so much for this, Sasha! You’re right, this post is due for an upgrade. It took a ton of time & effort to put together the first go around, so maybe we’ll ask for your help when we get to updating it 🙂

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