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The Denver Scene

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The Denver Scene


Dominant Occupations: Three main ones:

1) Grad students
2) Engineers
3) Sales and marketing
You’ll also find a handful of doctors and CIA agents (yes, really).

Denver State of Mind: Salt of the earth and outdoorsy. Work is important, but not as important as enjoying God’s beautiful creations. We enjoy a slower pace of life — we’re not about filling our time with stress and high-pressure.

Average Age Range: 22-29 lots of different ages but definitely on the more mature end

Girl/Guy Ratio: 1:1 this is why it has the nickname Menver. It’s pretty even.

Hobbies: You like the outdoors? You’ll love it here: Rock climbing, camping, outdoor movies, bike rides, concerts (lots of concerts), hanging out at a park.

Local Hangouts and Hotspots: LoDo, Park Meadows Mall, Cherry Creek, parks (they are everywhere), the Rocky Mountains.

Typical Night on the Weekends: Food at one of the many great breakfast/brunch places, followed by a day hike or ski trip up to the mountains, then a group movie night to end things on a nice relaxing note.

Sports: Plentiful and rich! We have all the major sports covered, although basketball is less popular here because the Nuggets aren’t exactly banging on the door of a championsip anytime soon. But people here love the Broncos, the Colorado Rockies and the Avalanche.

Cultural Scene: It’s no international mecca like NYC, but we’re not bad! We have the History Colorado Center (showcases human artifacts throughout history), the Foothills Art Center, the DAM (Denver Art Museum), and a handful of others. There are also lots of cool art exhibits and shows going on downtown and in the Santa Fe art district. Oh, and marijuana festivals. Not joking.

Diet: Chipotle, Chipotle, Chipotle. And a very big market for all things vegan, vegetarian, local and organic.

Ward Selection: There are eight wards in the Denver and surrounding areas. Yes, eight! Check out for building locations and the multi-stake activity schedule for the year. Most are located in the suburbs around Denver, and it takes about 30 minutes to get to them from downtown. Here’s a quick overview:

1) Arvada YSA Ward- In Arvada and Westminster area
2) Belleview Ward: Lakewood. A nicer area with more lakes and open grassy areas.
3) Crowfoot Ward: Parker, south part of Denver
4) Flanders Ward: Centennial, eastern denver
5) Maplewood Ward: Downtown and Aurora, has a very high turnover rate. Most of the Denver university students live in Aurora and attend this ward. Also covers downtown, which is the most expensive place to live in Denver.
6)Mountain View Ward: Boulder, which is northeast of Denver and the home of Colorado University. It’s a very granola town and has a beautiful location. Boulder is trendy.
7)Sand Creek Ward: Highlands Ranch and Littleton area.
8)Table Mountain Ward: Golden, which is pushed up against the mountains.

Temple Proximity: About 30 mins south of downtown in Centennial. Located near the 470 freeway.

Classic Ward/FHE Activity: Basically the same as our hobbies — something outdoors — but with a spiritual thought and treats. Not too shabby.

Dating Denver Guys: Down to earth, outdoorsy guys who like curling up and watching football games. They may be a bit shy at first, but they are good about planning group activities to help themselves out in that regard. Their style is comfortable (who doesn’t love the lumberjack cabin look) — which fits in perfectly with the group hikes they’re likely to take you on. But despite seeming a bit casual, they are typically driven and motivated. However, they are also very transient, so make sure you find him a reason to stay.

Dating Denver Girls: Two words: ski bunnies. They are independent and hard-working, but aren’t big fans of overtime. Once the weekend hits, they ditch the city and head out for adventure. They are generally very kind and approachable, and chances are they care more about the environment then the average girl. They’re health conscious and can often be found in Whole Foods aisles. They probably recycle their cereal boxes.

Transportation: most people use their cars but their is a light rail system

Weather: Four seasons and 300 days of sunshine a year!

Denver Might Be For You If: You love nature and all four seasons, aren’t interested in the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city, and prefer trees and mountains to glitz and glamor.

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