(Disclaimer: This post is not an endorsement or anti-endorsement of any candidate. We’re just reveling in all the Mormon Love on the internet right now and want you to enjoy it with us!)

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE AND HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET! Mormon Love is in the air, Mormon Love is everywhere! Last night, the Utah Republican Caucuses handed a decisive victory to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. But, for nervous Americans across the country, what excited them was not so much that Senator Cruz walked away with 69.2% of the vote, but that Donald J. Trump, the GOP Frontrunner who has won 19 of 28 states (and some of them overwhelmingly so), carried a measly 14% of the vote. These results out of Utah are … anomalous, to say the least. And they’re a gasping breath of fresh air to a nearly asphyxiated bunch of #NeverTrump voters entirely befuddled by Trump’s hitherto unstoppable appeal.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.47.54 PM

I’m going to frame this and mount it prominently on my wall and look at it every time I’m sad.

The outpouring of “Mormon Love” was immediate and gushing. You might say it was “excessive” but please…there can never be too many tweets or articles hurling gobs of effusive praise at us. So. Many. Tweets. You could almost hear Zuzu say to her redeemed father, George Bailey, “Look Daddy! Teacher says, every time a nonTrump vote is counted, an American tweets about Mormons!” Not all the #UtahCaucus tweets were from GOP watchers either. Utah Democrats (many of whom are Mormons!) handed an even more decisive victory to Senator Bernie Sanders over Secretary Hillary Clinton, in what is obviously a throwback homage to Mormonism’s OG economic policy, The Law of Consecration.

But, perhaps because the GOP is undergoing a tumultuous hostile takeover by an outsider, the bulk of Mormon Love came from within the Republican party. And, I gotta say, the positive attention feels pretty great, and here’s why. Mormons, as a group, have been the most reliable Republicans for awhile now. We turn out to vote, and usually for the GOP. But despite our unyielding loyalty to the party, we haven’t exactly been welcomed by the rank-and-file. In 2008, Mitt Romney was edged out by an Arkansas Governor who exploited evangelical disdain for Mormonism. In 2012, after Pastor Jeffress labeled Mormonism a cult during his endorsement of Governor Rick Perry, Mormons watched as the GOP cycled through what seemed like dozens of flawed candidates before begrudgingly settling on Romney. And then, after Romney won the nomination, many GOP voters sat the election out!

So, yes. This newfound adulation for us, the GOP’s sanest, most loyal (smartest, prettiest, coolest, etc. etc. etc.) constituents, is like an ice-cold diet coke from a McDonald’s drive-thru.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorites tweets in this post. Sit back with that diet coke. Take some time to enjoy this moment because I doubt we’ll see the Internet act so cool toward us again for awhile.


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    Susan Carroll

    Last night at my Utah neighborhood caucus, there were 43 people voting. The results were Trump 3, Rubio 14 and Cruz 26.. I was so happy to be part of this.

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