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The LA Scene

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The LA Scene


Dominant Occupations: LA has a surprisingly wide range of careers, which makes for a delightful range of people. Based off of loose evidence gathered solely by observation, it’s roughly something like:

• 30% Advertising/Design/Marketing
• 30% Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Dancer/Magician
• 20% Finance/Accounting
• 10% Entrepreneurial
• 10% Nannying

With USC and UCLA in the area, you also get a healthy dose of dental and med school students as well.

Average Age Range: 23-29

LA State of Mind: Dominate at the office, unwind at the beach. LA people are dreamers. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the industry or an accountant, the Hollywood mentality of “anyone can make it” is the air we breathe.

Girl/Guy Ratio: Many are under the common perception that there is a 2:1 guy to girl ratio. But thanks to recent data gathered, over the past three months guys have actually outnumbered girls at all activities, including multi-ward activities, bringing the correct guy/girl ratio  (at least as far as activity attendance goes) to 1.2 guys to every 1 girl. THREE CHEERS FOR EQUALITY!

Hobbies: With the beach, the mountains, and the city easily accessible, this town offers an abundance of hobbies. Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Watching Handsome Men Play Beach Volleyball, Camping, Hiking, Sailing to Catalina, HOT YOGA, Museum days, Getting free tickets to industry events. Not to mention Juicing, CrossFitting, and Kale Eating.

Local Hangouts and Hotspots: Diddy Reese, 800 Degrees, Churros Calientes, Café 50’s, and of course, Café Rio (a 20 minute drive to Manhattan Beach that’s always worth it.)

Typical Night on the Weekends: Dinner and a movie. Sounds cliché, but this is where we live. Also, it’s more likely to be “trendy new restaurant + indie film with a limited release” than it is “Olive Garden + the latest Marvel blockbuster.” First Fridays in Venice Beach are also a typical place to spot fellow Morms. Once a month, Abbot Kinney (the most expensive street on the west side) shuts down to commuters and opens up for bikers, food trucks, and people who dress like gypsies. The food is delicious. You will feel terrible after you eat it. And if it’s summer, you’re at the beach every single Saturday. But once it drops below 80, don’t bother us.

Sports Scene: Robust. You’ve got two NBA teams (The Clippers and the Lakers), two MLB teams (The Angels and Los Doyers), the LA Galaxy (which heartbreakingly no longer boasts David Beckham) and your 2014 Stanley Cup Champions: THE KINGS! While the legendary Lakers may have fallen, it’s still fun to catch a Lakeshow, and for those of us who grew up viewing the Lakers as the spawn of the devil, the Clippers bandwagon is a pretty fun one to jump onto.

Cultural Scene: Rad. There are several museums in LA, although we sometimes treat them a little, let’s see, what’s the word…superficially.

•  The LACMA always has great exhibits that come and go, but most people forego the museum for the iconic lampposts outside to snap an instagram or maybe a new profile pic.

•  The Getty Museum has a decently impressive art collection, but you’ll probably spend more time looking at the architecture, the gardens, and the breathtaking view of the city.

•  The Getty Villa has art of some sort, I think? But you’ll most likely go there to enjoy the scenery as a pit stop on your way to the beach or a hike in Malibu. It’s the only Museum where I have seen people admiring classic art whilst dressed in a bikini and cover-up.

•  LA also has a thriving music scene, with venues like The Troubador, The Palladium, the Hollywood Bowl, and a million dive bars in between where artists of every type are trying to make it big.

Diet: If there’s a food trend, LA will be the first place to hop on board. Restaurants pop up and disappear faster than celebrities in this town, so you have to catch them while they’re hot. Take for example Roy Choi, the man who created the Kogi BBQ truck and basically started the food truck frenzy that has taken over the country. There is a lot of delicious food in la la. There are also one million juice shops, where for the low price of $800 you can ingest nothing but blended up vegetables for a week!

Myth Bust: Traffic is not as terrible as legend makes it out to be. Yes, it exists, and yes it can be a nightmare. But if you live here, you figure out how to beat it.

Also, you don’t see celebrities walking on every street corner. That is, unless you live in Brentwood or work in the industry, in which case you will enjoy a star-studded life.

Finally, Santa Monica beach is not to be visited!!! Unless you love crowded places filled with litter. Make sure to take a walk along the Pier at night and get a funnel cake, but save your beach time for Ocean Park (ten minute drive south), or Will Rogers (ten minute drive north).

What It’s Missing: PARKING. Also Air Conditioning — you don’t need it for 11 months of the year, but come September, you’ll be sleeping with a fan aimed directly at your face or not at all. Also, public transportation is seriously meh. Because of this and the sprawling nature of the city, it can make cross-town hangouts more difficult than they would be in another big city like NYC or Chicago. The 405 is the great divide that sadly has the power to thwart friendships.

Ward Breakdown: Three wards:

1)  Santa Monica Ward: Rumored to be the “cool ward,” the Santa Monica ward boasts the biggest ward with the biggest “scene.” Some say it’s cliquish, others say tight knit, but whichever camp you’re in, you will have a social life if you are an SMYSA and are willing to make an effort.

2)  LA 1st Ward: Stereotypically the more “artsy” ward, as its boundaries encase more of Hollywood and Downtown. LA 1st is a smaller ward where people are nice and church is just church. The bishopric is younger than most of the ward, which is strange. Sundays at LA1 are educational in Sunday fashion. #bowtienecklace

3)  Glendale 7th ward: The Brooklyn equivalent of the LA YSA contingent. An up-and-coming scene that is delightfully hip, and is home to more bands, singers, dancers, and actors than other wards. The people there are low-key, warm and inviting. Much more interested in the energy you bring than your resume.

Temple Proximity: The LA temple is one of the oldest and largest temples in the church. Situated in the heart of Century City, it’s impossible to miss when driving down Santa Monica Boulevard. No more than a 10-30 minute drive from anywhere in central Los Angeles.

Dating LA Guys: Dating an LA guy usually means dating a man who is motivated—you can’t survive in this city if you aren’t. They usually care about being physically active, are culturally savvy, and refreshingly in the know when it comes to fashion. LA guys are great friends who also make a good effort to date. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have a good time with their boys. As with any YSA scene, there is a tendency for bromance before romance in this town.

Dating LA Girls: Like the men of LA, girls in this city are go-getters, whether it’s in fashion, music, marketing, etc. Even those who nanny for a living are usually using it as a way to pay for school or other endeavors. With that said, the girls are pretty down to earth—not a lot of drama in this town. LA girls want to get married but likely won’t stop working or pursuing their dreams once they do. But don’t freak out, ok? They still want kids.

Classic Ward FHE/Activities: Beach bonfires in the summer, the LA Film Festival (which brings in amazing short films from people all over the area), Service projects with the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, the Homecoming football game, and the annual Service Auction, and Mormon Dodger Night.

Resident Mormon Celeb: Mark Madsen, Lindsey Stirling, Julianne Hough (yes, we still count her)

Common Vice: Sunday dinner at Cafe Rio or In-N-Out. Sometimes wrong just tastes so right.

The Weather: You might think LA weather is over-hyped. It’s not.

Transportation: You need a car to live in LA. You can survive without one, but may be somewhat miserable.

Venice Canals: One of LA’s best-kept secrets. Take a walk through the canals at dusk and learn why Venice Beach got its name.

The OC: Yes, the infamous OC is only a short 45 minute-2 hour jaunt across the 405, depending on traffic. There are plenty of YSAs down south, and plenty of interaction between your scene and theirs. Heading south for a weekend can be a great way to expand your scene.

LA Might Be For You If: You want a big city lifestyle with perfect weather year round, plus the plus the conveniences of a more suburban city than NYC, Chicago, or SF.

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    Don’t forget the UCLA ward as well! 😀 I am a single graduate student and I love it there!! Our ward is a mix of singles and young married couples, including a handful with children. Its a very welcoming and social ward and a really great environment! You don’t have to be a UCLA student to attend, though you (or your spouse) need to be a student somewhere since it is a student ward.

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