10 short films that will make your Sabbath day

By: Rebbie Groesbeck //

People often ask–what do single Mormons DO on weekends? While I can’t answer for the group as a whole, I can tell you that for one weekend of the year, single Mormons in Southern California gather for the Young Single Adult LDS Film Festival.

It’s an open invitation festival, where everyone is invited to create a short film about pretty much any topic, as long as it’s under ten minutes and G-rated.

I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites over the last few years. If you’ve ever wondered what people do for fun without alcohol,  look no further.


1. The Most Interesting Mormon in the World. 

I can’t imagine what his “I’m a Mormon” video is like.


2. Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Everyone loves a good chick fight.


 3. Elders will be Sisters

Harvard Sailing Club-Mormon style.


4. Stephens & Smith Present: How to be Men

The art of manliness-as taught by two MorMen.


5. Chalk Face

There’s just something wonderful about people getting hit in the face with chalk in slow motion.

Chalk Face from Keith Paugh on Vimeo.


6. Time for Teens

When the cool kids ask you to come to their rager, JUST SAY NO!


7. Sad, Happy, Sad….Happy.  

Some people head straight to the bar after being fired. Mormons head elsewhere.

Sad, Happy, Sad….happy from DAVE THOMPSON on Vimeo.


8. Urban Climber

Winner of 2012’s Festival. Pretty ridiculous.


9. Tunnels 

Winner of 2013’s Festival. Pretty terrifying.



10. Tom Cruise on Home Teaching

And my all-time favorite.



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