Normon Love Part 3: Mormon Engagements

By: Rebbie Groesbeck //

So far, we’ve covered how Mormons meet and some strange ways they date. In a perfect world, the next logical steps would be falling in love and getting engaged.

Lani Engagements

Our very own Lani Livingston Jones

While getting engaged is not a Mormon-specific practice, there seems to be one key difference when it comes to Mormon engagements: they are short. Very short.

So why  don’t Mormon engagements last that long? Are we just super efficient at wedding planning? Is it our thriftiness? Our advanced skills at making crafty decorations? Our easy access to the Church Reception Hall? Do we possess some secret ability to order flowers and alter wedding gowns faster than the rest of the population?

No. I’m afraid not. The answer to the lightning-speed Mormon engagement is simple.

You will find it here.


Tune in tomorrow to celebrate Valentine’s Day the Normon way!

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    I read this the first time you posted it, and loved it. I love it even more now. I add my voice to say, that it is most wonderful to have ONE partner that you trust forever. And also to say, you nailed the reason for short engagements!

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