Can You Be Mormon and Cheer for the U?

By: Danny Rasmussen//

Today, we’re asking a question that has plagued the state of Utah for many years: Can you be Mormon and cheer for the University of Utah?

Rebbie says yes, but I’m not so sure… We’re asking you to break the tie. Vote below!

Can you be Mormon and cheer for the University of Utah?

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For further discussion, I (Danny) will be live-tweeting tonight’s game from @thenormons and posting the best from both sides of the battlefield below. Here are some gems:




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    @Brad – dying laughing! I don’t understand how an intellectually honest LDS individual can answer ‘no’ to this question. Cheering for one athletic team over another has nothing to do with commitment to the Savior.

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      Wendy, I agree completely. Which is why I was happy to see that in our sarcastic internet poll, the people of the internet voted 64% to 36% that YES you can cheer for the U and be Mormon 🙂

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    American Human

    Wow, the question is eternal and depends on which place you attended. I have a friend who would put LSU in the top spot on the Plan of Salvation chart above. He just doesn’t understand.

    The internet poll aside, the answer must always be no.

    BYU EE Class of 1974

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