A Quick Thought on New Years Resolutions

By: Brad Masters

January is here, and as usual, it promises to be a month of packed gyms, heavy salad consumption, and high-volume Amazon book sales.  As you’ve undoubtedly seen, everyone’s new years resolutions are popping up on Facebook and Twitter. In fact,  I just googled “Buzzfeed New Years Resolution” and I wasn’t even surprised to see “27 Cats Who Completely Forgot About Their New Years Resolutions In 2013” as one of the first results.  It’s that time of year, again.

But there is something refreshingly faith affirming to me about these individual plans to make 2014 better than 2013.  For the entire month of December, most of the Western world (and an increasingly large percentage of the Eastern) focus their thoughts on Jesus Christ’s birth.  They seek to channel “the Christmas Spirit,” which is really just another way of saying they try to actually do what Christ would do, rather than simply ask the question (WWJD!).  Is it any surprise that immediately after people all over the world practice Christianity for a whole month, we all then think about ways to make our lives better?

Now, I know that there are plenty of other reasons why people make new years resolutions: a new year, a new opportunity for change. But a desire to be a better person is one of the best things religion, and Christianity specifically, can cultivate. And in my experience, any time I contemplate the incredible example, teachings, and mercy of Jesus Christ, I start to think about how I can change my life for the better.

Happy New Year, everyone. God bless you all!

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