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The San Diego Scene

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The San Diego Scene

San Diego

Dominant Occupations: The buckets:
1) Engineers: All kinds. Very often the specifics are too confusing for laymen to understand.
2) Lawyers: There are a handful of both guys and girls practicing law.
3) Students: Between UCSD, USD, and SDSU, there’s a nice cohort of students in the area.
4) Beach Bums: This is a nice way of saying that nobody really knows that they do. But hey, it’s San Diego, so they don’t need a reason for being here!

Average Age Range: 20-28.

San Diego State of Mind: Chill.  If you live here, it means you like fantastic weather year-round, you like that people don’t expect too much of you and aren’t overly demanding, and you like the beach.

Girl/Guy Ratio: Numbers wise, the amount of girls to guys is pretty even.  However there will generally be more guys than girls at most activities (unless the activity is going to be really fun!)

Hobbies: Going to the beach and doing any water sport involved with beaching, running, hiking, rollerblading, eating fish tacos (or any Mexican food for that matter), going to the movies, and just being outside.

Local Hangouts and Hotspots: Balboa Park, Old Town, Little Italy, Gaslamp District, Padres games (they may be terrible, but they sure are fun), parents’ homes for game nights (yes, a lot of people in San Diego live at home), Pacific Beach (call it “PB” or you’ll be screaming that you’re a tourist), Mission Beach, La Jolla shores – basically anywhere there’s sand or games of any kind.

Typical Night on the Weekends: In the summer, Padres games are always fun!  People love to go Downtown to the Gaslamp district — lots of fun restaurants on the street, right in the action – and there’s even a Ghirardelli!  Game nights and movie nights are big.  Of course, bonfires on the beach are a typical San Diego trend. If you’re into it, there are lots of clubs for dancing in PB and Downtown; just know you’ll be with lots of 21-year-olds celebrating their big birthdays (especially in PB).

Sports Scene:  San Diego may not be the home of many championships, but the locals are true to their teams.  The Padres are the fun, homespun team that families love, and the Chargers are the heart or true sports aficionados.  You will see their lightning bolt on most cars and several restaurant windows, so don’t move to San Diego without knowing what it stands for…that would be embarrassing.

Cultural Scene: Balboa Park is home to over fifteen museums from the San Diego Natural History Museum to the San Diego Automotive Museum, Air & Space Museum, Museum of Art, and much more. Balboa Park has several Performing Arts such as the San Diego Youth Symphony and the San Diego Junior Theatre and Civic Youth Ballet.  There are beautiful gardens and attractions here as well. The San Diego Civic Center always has touring Broadway musicals and Old Town has the well known, Mormon Battalion Historical Site.  And for those looking for more modern culture, lest we forget — San Diego is home to the one and only Comic-Con.

Diet: Mexican food and lots of organic everything.

Myth Bust: Perfect weather year-round! …sort of. San Diego has what is known as “June Gloom.”  It is overcast and slightly cold basically the entire month of June.  Oh and it does rain. Sometimes.

What It’s Missing: Compared to the likes of New York or San Francisco, you’ll probably find San Diego a bit small.  Things close early here — we are not a city that never sleeps.  If you crave the speed, stress, and skyscrapers of  big cities, you won’t find that in San Diego.

Ward Breakdown: There are seven singles wards in the San Diego area, but there are really only two you’d want to live in the ward boundaries of:

1) La Jolla YSA: While this is not the biggest YSA ward, it covers all of PB and La Jolla, so you tend to get a lot of students and singles living on their own (i.e. not with parents).  This ward meets at the PB Chapel, and the location is definitely more central to downtown San Diego. So if you’re looking to live on your own, this is the ward should look into.

2) Torrey Pines YSA: This is the biggest ward and tends to be where La Jolla YSA folk “ward hop.”  They have a lot of activities with the La Jolla YSA ward, so you’ll get to know the people living in the ward up here if you’re proactive about it.  However, this ward is quite north of San Diego and is part of the Del Mar Stake, so most members live at home and have known each other since high school or earlier, making it a tougher crowd to join in if you’re not outgoing and assertive.

Others) The San Diego YSA 1st and San Diego 2nd YSA wards both meet at the SDSU Institute building, but unless you are a student at San Diego State, you would not want to live this far east. The Helix YSA and Chula Vista YSA wards, along with the Santee YSA Branch, are all options as well, though they are not locations you would not want to move to if you’re interested in meeting LDS Singles and participating in bigger group activities.

Temple Proximity: The San Diego temple is in La Jolla, right off the 5 Freeway.  Very easy to get to and one of the prettiest ones around!

Dating San Diego Guys: Most SD guys are very laid back and are much more down to “hang out” than go on an official date, especially initially.  There are a wide range of guys, from undergrads to doctoral candidates, guys living with their parents working hourly jobs, and to guys who own their own houses and have established careers.  So generally you can find someone to “hang out with” that would match up well with your interests.

Dating San Diego Girls: For the most part, SD girls  are friendly and approachable. But they aren’t likely to be sitting around waiting for guys to ask them out on dates.  Most of them are in school pursuing real careers or are working already. Guys, you’ll have to pursue a little bit.

Classic Ward FHE/Activities: You can count on at least one bonfire at Moonlight Beach per month. The regional YSA activities group likes to organize dances, but they aren’t always that well attended. And you can look forward to the La Jolla YSA Luau every year!

Resident Mormon Celebs: Manti Te’o (Go Chargers!)

Common Vice: Beach.  Tan.  Beach.  Tan.  Not the most modest place in the world.  Can’t afford to be white so bikinis and tanks are all over.  Be careful when people ask you to go to “Black’s Beach,” it’s most definitely a nude beach.

Ways to get around: You definitely need a car in San Diego.  There’s no great subway system, though we do have the “Trolley” and that is a great way to get you to Petco Park, Qualcomm, Old Town, or Comic-Con.  That said, it’s tough to get anywhere without a car.  I mean the trolley doesn’t go to the beach!

Mexico: You can take the trolley to the farthest city in Southern California or drive and walk over the border.  Be careful if you drive, break-ins are said to be a common occurrence.  Bring your passport and enjoy the day in Tijuana (TJ)!

Beaches: PB is really fun and there is always a lot going on here — it also tends to be a younger crowd.  Mission Beach has your typical boardwalk with fun ice cream and surf shops, as well as a roller coaster and other simple beach rides. Del Mar is amazing and gorgeous, but it is definitely home to more money and pretty far north of San Diego.  La Jolla Shores is fun with lots of places to rent kayaks and paddle boards.  You can also snorkel here with the (safe) leopard sharks and seals!  You can head south to Coronado, which definitely has more local beaches, but if you get too close to the naval base, a tough military guy will yell at you and that fear will stay with you for the rest of the day, most likely ruining your beach experience.

Military: There are several military bases in the San Diego area so if you’re into military life, San Diego is the place for you.  If you like to go out clubbing on weekend (ladies), be prepared to get hit on by several military men.  Don’t believe them when they say they’re Navy SEALs.  The real SEALs don’t brag.

San Diego Might Be For You If: You love chill vibes and love the beach, but want somewhere less sprawling and congested than LA.

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