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The Seattle Scene

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The Seattle Scene


Dominant Occupations: Three main buckets.
1) Amazonians and Microsofties: If you work at Amazon or Microsoft you either love it or hate it. You also can’t have too much of a social life, because you work all the time.

2) Nonprofits: There are countless nonprofits in the area that employee a big chunk of the city—most spurring from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding. If you work for a nonprofit you are likely to be obsessed with a certain social cause and really into recycling.

3) Students: This makes up about 50% of YSAs (half undergrads and half grad students) and most students attend University of Washington, Seattle University or Seattle Pacific University. Just a heads up—most of the LDS med students are already married.

Average Age Range: 23-28.

Seattle State of Mind: Unhurried. We cringe at the thought of an NYC-paced life. And while Seattleites are friendly on the exterior and always polite, sometimes it can be hard to get past the small talk and form deeper relationships.

Girl/Guy Ratio: It’s about 50/50, but if there’s not much dating going on, sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Things start to pick up in the springtime.

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, camping, picnicking, ice blocking, boating, and bonfires in the summer. Concerts, dancing, TV shows, movies, eating out, and parties year-round.

Local Hangouts and Hotspots: Green Lake, Gasworks Park, Dicks Drive In, Pike Place Market (this is really the only “touristy” place that’s acceptable, plus they have great produce), any restaurant in Fremont or Capitol Hill, Alki Beach, Golden Gardens Beach, and movie theaters anytime it’s raining. It’s almost a sin to stay indoors when the sun is out.

Typical Night on the Weekends: Most weekends from May-September consist of attending or participating in a sporting event, a hike, a ferry ride, camping, or a daytrip to the coast. For the rest of year, eating out and movies are commonplace. There are also countless institute activities and firesides if that’s your style.

Sports Scene: Have you heard the Seahawks won the Super Bowl? Oh you haven’t? Well you will. This city LOVES its sports teams, especially when they win. Soccer is also a huge deal in Seattle—most natives played soccer in high school, and it’s safe to say that more people have been to a Sounders game than a Mariners game.

Cultural Scene: Seattle has a great music scene and several museums including the Seattle Art Museum, Experience Music Project, the Sci-Fi Museum, Pacific Science Center (which plays movies on their IMAX screen and has fun laser shows), the Museum of History and Industry, and there’s also the Microsoft museum for the PC-lovers out there (whoever you are).

Diet: There are a LOT of vegans, vegetarians, and those who live gluten-free lives in Seattle. Consequently, there are a lot of specialty restaurants around town. Most aren’t half bad. You have to try a black bean burger at least once if your life.

Myth Bust: Seattle gets a bad rap for all our rain, but we rank 44th among major U.S. cities in average annual rainfall. 44th! This is probably Seattle’s best kept secret. Although it is overcast a lot. And when it does rain, don’t use an umbrella or people will judge you.

What It’s Missing: Good public transportation. We have a metro bus system, but it’s not the easiest to navigate—especially if you live or are trying to get outside of the city. You really need a car if you live here.

Ward Breakdown: There are several choices, so hop around a bit before you settle in. Here’s a breakdown of your main options:

1) Seattle YSA 1: The average age range is older and the boundaries cover north Seattle. Majority of people are either grad students or working.

2) Seattle YSA 2: There are mainly students—a majority undergrad—in this ward and the average age range is lower. The boundaries are in the University District and other neighborhoods by UW.

3) Seattle YSA 3: This ward has a healthy mixture of undergrads, graduate students, and working professionals, but the boundaries are small and often hard to find housing in.

4) Elliot Bay: This ward is a magnet ward for Single Adults ages 31 and up. They have a singles FHE every week and do a lot of fun activities.

5)  Bellevue YSA: This is the larger of the Eastside wards and most people are working at companies based in the Bellevue or Redmond area. They also host most of the regional activities since the temple is close by.

6) Sammamish Valley YSA: This ward has a very large number of Microsoft employees in it, since the main campus is in the ward boundaries. One notable thing to mention is there are more guys than girls in this ward.

Temple Proximity: The Seattle temple is actually in Bellevue, which is about 20 minutes from downtown. It often takes longer to get to the temple on Saturday afternoons though because of weekend freeway construction, sporting events, or other things that cause traffic.

Dating Seattle Guys: Seattle guys are quiet, creative, and smart. Chances are they work for one of the many Fortune 500 companies located in the area doing software engineering, or they are studying something science-related in a fancy grad program. The guys here tend to stick together, so don’t be offended if they pass up plans with you to hang with their roomies. Many of them need a little extra encouragement.

Dating Seattle Girls: Seattle girls are friendly, welcoming, and proactive. They are usually the ones who organize the social calendar and plan all the parties. Seattle girls don’t wait around for guys to call—they make the plans for them. The girls here are all in different stages of life, but everyone is welcoming and accepting of that. After all, girls just wanna have fun.

Classic Ward FHE/Activities: Bonfires at Alki or Golden Gardens Beach, service projects, linger longers after church, movie nights, and sport tournaments.

Common Vice: Coffee. Are you surprised? It’s Seattle after all. Not saying that a lot of people drink it, but we all love the smell of it.

Job Prospects: Seattle has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, so the odds are in your favor if you’re looking for a job—especially a tech job.

Traffic: Seattle traffic is really terrible. Just prepare yourself by always leaving early and investing in Spotify Premium or audio books to keep yourself entertained (and sane) during your commute.

Outdoors: There are few cities in the country that are as green or on as much water as Seattle. We have plenty of fresh air, trees, mountains, and lakes to go around. When the weather is nice, there are a million things to do and beautiful places to explore.

Snow: It doesn’t snow regularly in Seattle, but when it does, the entire city shuts down. Seriously. Buses don’t even run, so don’t try to drive your car. Just stay inside or go build a snowman.

Seattle Might Be For You If: You love the outdoors, are interested in the tech industry, don’t mind the rain and have a little hipster in your soul.

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