There is Hope Smiling Brightly Before us

Root for Boston

So this week has not been the most “bright” or “smily” of weeks. Between the bombings in Boston, the tragic explosion at the fertilizer plant in Texas, and the earthquake in Pakistan, it’s been a time that has caused some to question the limits of humanity, and also the God who watches over us–or in this case, seems to have momentarily turned his back.

While the knee jerk reaction has been sorrow and fear, stories of selfless courage and simple heroism have united our Nation in a spirit of brotherhood. There is no way to minimize the horrors of this week’s events. There is no doubt that there are tough days ahead. But among the fear and sorrow, we’ve seen irrefutable evidence that love will always be a stronger motive than hate.

It is in times like this that we are especially grateful for the knowledge of Christ and for the infinite hope that his life, atonement, and resurrection bring.

We are grateful for his life, which showed us that God has the capacity to love all his children–the victims of pain and suffering, as well as those who are the cause of it.

We are grateful for his atonement–for the knowledge that he has felt everything we feel and that he will carry our burdens if we let him.

And we are grateful for his resurrection–for the understanding that there is life after death and that all the wrongs suffered on earth can one day be made up through him.

This week, we have seen that in the wake of tragedy, God’s love becomes ever more evident in the charity shown by humanity. By those who ran towards the explosion, when they could have run away.

For the victims of this week’s tragedies, their friends & families, and every one of us who has experienced feelings of fear this week, may our hearts remember that each of us has the ability to love more than we fear. And that even if it is just a glimmer shining through darkness, there will always be a bit of hope, smiling brightly before us.


The Normons.


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    Oh wow, I thought that first paragraph was the end of the post. There was no indication that there was more to read- I checked twice. I am a first-time visitor here and was a little shocked to see such a “lacking” post – I thought I would comment. But when I clicked to comment, I scrolled up and the rest of the post appeared. Wonder if that happens much?

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