There’s No Wrong Way to Eat a Ree…errr Watch General Conference

LDS Conference Center

Today General Conference is on. Today you might have to work. Or do yard work. Or take your kids to soccer practice. The truth is, there’s no right or wrong way to watch General Conference. We each have our own ways of watching, and each has its merits.

Here are a few ideas from some friends on how they enjoy LDS General Conference. How do YOU watch conference? Tell us in the comments section below!

 “Growing up we’d always just watch the Sunday morning sessions as a family with cinnamon rolls. Guaranteed, I’d fall asleep within half an hour. Now that I’m on my own, I do my best to catch as much as I can live, but sometimes Saturdays are just too packed. I try to listen to a talk each morning or evening driving to and from work for the months following conference. Sometimes if I binge-listen to the talks, it all just becomes overwhelming. When I spread it out to a daily/weekly digestion, I find the messages hit home with the things I’m experiencing in the moment. As much weight as people tend to put into the weekend, I think it’s the slow, thoughtful meditation over time that brings me the most spiritual progress.” – Tyler, California


Tyler from CA. At the beach, naturally.

“For the past few years I’ve made social media a part of my general conference experience. I set up my iPad next to my notes and followed along with #ldsconf on Twitter, where engaged conference watchers share quotes and commentary with each other and the wider Twittersphere. People have asked if it’s a distraction that takes away from conference and to me it’s not. Instead of just taking notes in a notebook (which I do) I take them on my twitter timeline. It’s also a great opportunity to amplify the words of latter-day prophets to my own twitter community, which is largely made up of non-LDS users from my political/professional life. I’ve had non-member friends thank me for sharing what they deemed to be valuable and applicable messages for their own lives. #ldsconf, names of speakers and other words associated with conference usually trend for most of conference weekend, turning simple tweets into mini-Mormon ads for the whole world to see.” – Matt, D.C.


Matt from D.C. #GrannySelfie

“Growing up in Puerto Rico, we would have to drive at least 2 hours to get to a stake center that had satellite access to the General Conference. We would stay in a nearby hotel and make a trip out of it. Now that I’m older, General Conference is something I look forward to every 6 months. Before the sessions start, I make a list of questions or topics that I would love to learn more about. As the sessions progress, I take notes of my impressions or quotes that really stand out to me. I have a journal that’s exclusively made up of these thoughts — it’s always special to revisit them and see what I’ve learned throughout the years. After conference is over, I make sure to re-listen to the talks. I usually do it in the mornings while I get ready.” – Sara, New York


Sara from NYC. Being lovely in Central Park.

“It’s all about preparation. Going into conference weekend without wanting something out of it is like going to Tucano’s right after you ate two BK Whoppers — you have to go hungry or it doesn’t work. I make a list of my current life concerns and questions I want answered. If I pay attention and take notes, without fail I finish conference with that list checked off in one way or another.” – Drew, Utah


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    We watch together as family in our jammies in front of our computer screen or TV or tablet as we cook and clean and lay around. GenCon are our two fave weekends of the year! When we moved to Utah several years ago from CA I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I watched GenCon Saturday afternoon at the freakin’ NAIL SALON!!!! Does it get better than listening to Pres. Eyring and getting a spa pedicure while drinking a Diet Pepsi from the fountain with crushed ice??? I haven’t topped it yet…but having my husband and daughter sitting next to me on the couch in our pjs for two days is pretty close. We’re in MN now and our branch gets together for breakfast Saturday morning by the youth and watches it together and then Sunday has a potluck in between sessions. So many ways to get your GenCon on!!! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!!Just had to say it. Thanks for your site.

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    Angela C.

    I personally feel the Spirit strongest at church, so I make sure not to schedule anything for those two days and I dress up and go all out. For me, General Conference is just not the same unless I watch it from a chapel. I watch the October sessions from my own church building and the April ones in a chapel 90 miles away while spending the weekend with family. It’s awesome, because I feel like I’m a part of two ward families. 🙂

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    I watched GenCon in bed, laptop on my … lap … with gallons of diet soda at the ready. Popcorn, too.

    By the way, I don’t want to be considered a ‘normal’ Mormon. Look at this world we live in, for reasons why.

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