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The Vegas Scene

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The Vegas Scene


Dominant Occupations:
1) Guys: A lot of dentists/dental students and lawyers/law students. You can’t go two minutes on the highway without seeing a billboard for an injury attorney or a full-mouth reconstruction. You’ll also find everything from mechanic to banker mixed in there. Otherwise they work as bouncers at the club. Those are the rich ones.
2) Girls: A lot of nurses, teachers and retail/hospitality. Hoping to find a rich bouncer.
3) Locals: Native Las Vegas, many of whom live at home, who are happy to stick around, go to a local college and work a part-time job.

Average Age Range: Standard 18-30. The younger group is typically made up of locals that stay for a degree at UNLV. Most of the older crowd is out-of-towners that come in for grad school. Skews younger in the summer when the natives come home from BYU.

Las Vegas State of Mind: Work hard, play hard — with the right connections.  Las Vegas is a relatively close-knit city of 2 million people.  Be it getting a job or getting into a club, who you know in Las Vegas opens doors much more often than outsiders might expect.

Girl/Guy Ratio: 1:1. This means your odds of finding your soul mate are better than any night on the slots.
Hobbies: Shopping, eating out (both on and off the Strip), going to mom and dad’s and eating, BBQs, tennis (country clubs are alive and well), and anything outdoorsy. Red Rock Canyon is just 5 minutes away, and you’ll find lots people escaping the city to enjoy some rock climbing and hiking. On other side of Vegas you have Lake Mead, which happens to be a great spot for wakeboarding for nearly eight months of the year.

Local Hangouts and Hotspots: Mom and dad’s house, mom and dad’s pool, mom and dad’s kitchen, or mom and dad’s backyard. Joking…kind of. Container Park, Town Square, The District, First Friday, Fremont Street (small clubs), Raising Canes (the best chicken tenders you’ve ever had), Luv It’s (frozen custard to die for) Stoney’s (a country dance/nightclub popular among YSAs), any of the casino pools during the summer

Typical Night on the Weekends: There’s always the occasional big-name concert or illusionist or Cirque du Soleil show, but generally, the typical weekend activity is more low-key: getting together with friends at someone’s home for a pool-party, having a BBQ, going for a hike or doing a bonfire in the desert. Always music and always food.

Sports Scene: Besides the yearly NCAA Tournament action and nonstop sports betting, there’s not much in Vegas to get excited about. Unless you’re a Runnin’ Rebels fans, all you’ll have are the sports connections you had before you moved here.

Cultural Scene: Do Cirque du Soleil and Celine Deon count as culture? Really though, the city has some museums, and casinos put on off-Broadway shows and art exhibits — but the culture of Las Vegas is all about flash and excess. Take the city’s biggest cultural movement right now: EDM. Vegas is home to the world’s most popular DJs, all of whom have residencies at the several big clubs on the Strip and put on enormous, extravagant concerts at some of the biggest and most lavish venues in the world.

Diet: Any kind of food you want, from anywhere in the world, whenever you want it. If it’s not open 24 hours in Vegas, it won’t last long.

Myth Bust: That prostitution is legal and everyone lives in casinos. Las Vegas is home to many, many members of the church, and The Strip is to us like Times Square is to New Yorkers — we avoid it at all costs unless playing tour guide to friends or family.

What It’s Missing: Grass (that you mow).  Las Vegas is a huge desert, and, because of water conservation efforts, there’s not a lot of green out here.  If you’re coming to Vegas from California or the Rockies, the word “ugly” will often come to mind when describing the landscape.

Ward Breakdown: There are around 10 YSA wards in Las Vegas, but those located on the peripheries of the city are generally more vibrant and social, namely the Red Rock Ward and Royal Mesa Ward.

Temple Proximity: The Las Vegas Temple is on the East side of the valley close to one of the major freeways in town.  No matter where you are in the Valley, it won’t take more than 45 minutes to get there.

Dating LV Guys: Vegas guys are hit-or-miss. Since money is fairly easy to come by without a degree, you’ll find a lot who work on the Strip, still live with their parents and plan on valeting for the rest of their lives at the Venetian. If you’re cool with that, then perfect. Conversely, there are also those who are ambitious, working professionals, and many who are pursuing some form of higher education. Either way, guys here work to live, not live to work. They enjoy having fun and see their jobs as a means to an end — and those ends are usually going boating or catching a show.

Dating LV Girls: Like many of the guys, Vegas girls are not overly consumed with work or school. Most girls view dating and marriage with excitement and will happily make the time to date. They tend to be fun and flirty and expect a little more out of first dates since they go on so many. Like the guys, they’re laid back and seize every opportunity to attend a pool party or take a weekend trip to California.

Classic Ward FHE/Activities: Pool parties at the bishop’s house, barbecues, lake trips, outings to the park.

Resident Mormon Celeb: Brandon Flowers; Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), Gladys Knight, the Osmonds.

Common Vice: Gambling, and the club scene. Vegas is soaked with sex appeal, so it can be hard to completely put off the natural man at a wild EDM show while you’re getting hypnotized by the lights and pulsating beats and attractive strangers.

Location: You simply cannot beat Las Vegas’ location. You’re nicely situated between Utah and California, 30 minutes from Red Rock, 30 minutes from Mt. Charleston, 30 minutes from Lake Mead, three and a half hours from the beach, and two and a half hours from major ski resorts. If you like the outdoors, you’re in heaven.

Weather: Everyone complains about the heat (110+ can be a little warm), but that’s only three months of the year. The weather is next to perfect from October to May. The cloudless blue skies here are unlike any where in the country. And let’s not even get started on the sunsets.

Cost of Living: Can you say cheap? No state income tax (thank you tourists), and you can rent an entire house for the same price our NYC friends pay to rent a cupboard under the stairs.

Parking: Unlike any other big city parking is never an issue. Your perfect spot is only a free valet away. Just be sure to have a couple bucks on you to tip the drivers.

Vegas Might Be For You If: You find Arizona too boring but California too expensive, enjoy the heat and activities outdoors, and don’t mind a community fueled by shoulder-rubbing and schmoozing. 

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