We’ve had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

One year ago today,  Normons.com was born.

We’d like to thank all our wonderful fans (as well as our haters) for reading, commenting, and inspiring us to keep being better.

We’d also like to thank  Google hangout for keeping us connected across seven cities.

Google Hang

One year older and wiser too.

Happy Birthday, thanks to YOU.


Add yours
  1. 7
    Susan Groesbeck

    Normons is an amazing way for 6 brilliant, creative people with burning testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ to “kill” some of their free time.
    I am sure the response has been even more than you dreamed.

    I for one am a proud Mamma!

    Congratulations to you all.

  2. 8
    Ben Gardner

    Yeah, you guys are probably now just learning to walk! Please tell me you celebrated your birthday by eating cake and getting it all over your faces. And I hope you took pictures! I appreciate the sense of humor on here. It makes me not feel alone in my ability to be sarcastic and still have a strong testimony. Thanks for being Normons!

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