YSAs Across The USA: Your guide to the singles scenes outside Utah

Written by contributors nationwide and compiled by Jason & Rebbie //

Whether you live(d) there, went to school there or have only visited — you’re undoubtedly familiar with the peculiar yet magical bubble that is singles life in Utah. No other place in the world houses so many young, eligible Mormons all packed so closely together. To put it scripturally: the cup runneth over.

But despite all the appeal that this bubble possesses, there comes a time in some people’s lives when they feel the need to leave it. To branch out. To move on and move up — and to find a new singles scene. But where to go? Which city (and scene) will be the best fit? We’re glad you asked. Because this post is for you.

One of the most fantastic aspects of the Mormon church is its sense of community, which means an instant network of friendship and support no matter where you travel. And for YSAs (Young Single Adults) — it also means an instant potential dating pool.

In this post, we profile major cities across the country, giving you a breakdown of the locale, the vibe, the lifestyle, and of course, the YSA scene. Whatever your reason for moving — graduation, a job search, or just looking for a change — our field guide has got you covered. So do some research, find your scene, and get out there and have some fun. Let’s get this party started.

So without further ado, Normons presents:


YSAs Across the USA

state of the nation

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East Coast


The NYC Scene

NYC Might Be For You If: You have a need for excitement and achievement, want to be where the action is, and are cool with paying at least $1000/month for rent.

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DCThe DC Scene

DC Might Be For You If: You’re a people person, consider yourself politically active/informed, and want a combination of city + open spaces.

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BostonThe Boston Scene

Boston Might Be For You If: You love to learn, want to work hard, and want to be surrounded by the best and the brightest in the world.

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West Coast


The Seattle Scene

Seattle Might Be For You If: You love the outdoors, are interested in the tech industry, don’t mind the rain and have a little hipster in your soul.

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portlandThe Portland Scene

Portland Might Be For You If: You want a cooler-temp, slower-paced lifestyle, enjoy activities in nature that aren’t just laying out at the beach, and don’t mind being a big fish in a little pond.

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SFThe San Francisco Scene

SF Might Be For You If: You want the perks of city life along with easy access to the outdoors, you want time to pursue a project/startup, and you prefer to wear a hoodie & jeans instead of dressier business attire.

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Palo AltoThe Silicon Valley/Palo Alto Scene

Silicon Valley Might Be For You If: You stay up to date on the latest startup acquisitions, want to work in or around tech, and want a more laid-back suburban life than SF can provide.

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LAThe LA Scene

LA Might Be For You If: You want a big city lifestyle with perfect weather year-round, plus the conveniences of a more suburban city than NYC, Chicago, or SF.

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The OCThe Orange County Scene

Orange County Might Be For You If: You’re seeking a comfortable, mellow social life, don’t mind spending egregious amounts of money on gas, and just want to live close to the beach.

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San DiegoThe San Diego Scene

San Diego Might Be For You If: You love chill vibes and love the beach, but want somewhere less sprawling and congested than LA.

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Mountain West

VegasThe Las Vegas Scene

Vegas Might Be For You If: You find Arizona too boring but California too expensive, enjoy the heat and being outdoors, and don’t mind a community fueled by shoulder-rubbing and schmoozing.

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GilbertThe Arizona Scene

AZ Might Be For You If: You love the heat but don’t need a diverse landscape, are ready to start a traditional home and family, and don’t mind hearing stories about the things people did in high school.

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The Denver Scene

Denver Might Be For You If: You love nature and all four seasons, aren’t interested in the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city, and prefer trees and mountains to glitz and glamor.

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South & Midwest

DallasThe Dallas Scene

Dallas Might Be For You If: You’re looking to settle down and live the good life, care about job security and a low cost of living, and hate state taxes (we don’t pay any!).

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chicagoThe Chicago Scene

Chicago Might Be For You If: You love food, like the city vibe, and want to live a dialed back NYC-esque lifestyle.

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AtlantaThe Atlanta Scene

ATL Might Be For You If: You want to work for a Fortune 500 company, love Southern cooking, and don’t mind a smaller community of Saints.

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  1. 3

    As someone who attends the south side branch (Hyde Park YSA) in Chicago, I want to applaud you on a fantastic Chicago YSA scene article. Since you asked for anything to add, a few notes: One, the north side (Lake Shore YSA) is a ward (is that why they thought it was the “cool” ward?), while the Hyde Park YSA is a branch. To my knowledge, both baptize regularly, so you will get missionary opportunities here period, but Hyde Park is much more likely to put you in a leadership position as soon as you move in. Two, your Chicago YSA ward list only applies to Cook County. There are two more YSA wards (Naperville and Schaumburg) in the suburbs, but we don’t see too much of them, whereas Lake Shore and Hyde Park meet together about once a quarter for church and a linger-longer. Three, I would change the description of Hyde Park’s composition to say that it’s mostly students. We do have local members, but we definitely have more students than locals. In fact, I’d say many if not most of the people in sacrament meeting attend the University of Chicago (comes with meeting within walking distance of campus), and we have enough graduate and professional (e.g., law, medical) students that I was surprised to see Hyde Park labeled the “younger” unit. In fact, we have enough Booth students that we have an Institute class there. I’ve never gotten the “young YSA” vibe here; if anything, Gospel Doctrine and Institute can sometimes devolve into fairly esoteric discussions.
    Anyway, like I said, I otherwise fully support the article and thank you for posting it!

  2. 8
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  3. 9

    Could we maybe have approximate attendance numbers for these places (maybe updated annually)? I feel like that’s just as important as the guy:girl ratio.

    Also, are we basically admitting the scene is small if it’s not on this list?

    • 10

      Sorry Josh, we don’t have access to that in depth of info.

      And yes, I think if it’s not on the list it is either a) a small scene or b) we just didn’t know someone who lived there. If you’d like to contribute on a scene you know well, let us know!

  4. 11

    Southeast USA there is no “scene”, there is barely any mormon ‘scene’ at all. There were no YSA or Single wards of any age in Florida or Georgia except for one in Atlanta. I spent 8 years in Florida and Georgia, I dated 2 LDS girls over that time. Believe it or not however there are more guys than active single girls typically by a large ratio. The only possible exception is Orlando, FL. Even Miami, Jacksonville, and Savannah do not have any active single LDS

  5. 12

    I think this is awesome. I’ve been reading through them just for the heck of it. Now, I know this would be a huge endeavor, but has there been any discussion in putting together one of these for the Utah dating scene?

  6. 15
    N. Smith

    This is an interesting article. I wish I had read it when I was in my YSA years but I stayed in my area too long where there were hardly any YSAs there. Could you perhaps do one for the Single Adults?

    • 16

      I wish we could! We unfortunately do not have the resources at this point, since this post itself took about a year to put together. Hopefully someday. Thanks for reading in the meantime!

  7. 17
    Joel Gardner

    This article is IMMENSELY helpful! Thanks so much for putting it together. I’m applying for grad school and don’t want to be stuck in a 4-person YSA group! haha Anything you can do to keep adding to this list (even if just to say “this city only has a YSA group, not much to speak of”) would be helpful. At this point I’m messaging individual people from different cities to get a feel for the YSA scene there.

  8. 18
    Jennifer Ete

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana – I live here, and we have a bit of a scene. Please send the form, and I’ll get it filled out!

  9. 20
    Jennifer Riding

    Sooo fun to read these! I pored over all of them when you first published in 2014 and now years later, I just revisited. Thank you so much for the time you put into creating these! They are hilarious and insightful.

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